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Household Cleaning Gloves (3 pairs)

Household Cleaning Gloves (3 pairs)

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    • 3 Pairs in One Pack
    • Rubber Cleaning Gloves - 100% thicken natural latex offers wear-resistant performance. High quality latex guarantees stain free & odor free. Soft latex ensures flexibility. Comfortable but durable dishwashing gloves for longer service time. These dishwashing gloves contain natural latex. Take off the gloves and seek medical advice immediately if skin irritations or allergic reactions happen.
    • Non-slip Grip - Rubber gloves with granules on palms and fingers offer anti-slip grip & control in dry, damp & wet conditions. Gloves for dishwashing hold up well, thus dishes don't slip while washing. Waterproof long rubber gloves keep hands clean & dry when dealing with daily chores. Reliable grip when working with cleaning tools and liquids.
    • Soft Flocked Liners - Kitchen gloves with comfortable & soft flocked lining offers superior feeling for long time wear. Absorbent to moisture and sweat. Easy on & off. Extended long cuffs protect your forearms and keep your hands & arms clean & dry. Hose off easily, not dishwasher safe. Elegant colors in mint green, lavender purple, and peach pink to distinguish purposes.
    • For General Purposes - Durable reusable cleaning gloves are ideal for household, dishwashing, cleaning, laundry, pool maintenance, car washing, painting, gardening, pet caring and more. REACH Approved. Protect your hands and nails from getting dry or cracky and prevent hands from contacting with cleaning agents. Full sizes available to fit you hands snuggly. Each package includes 3 pairs.

    100% Natural Latex

    100% Natural Latex

    • Satin resistant and heavy duty
    • Durable for longer lifespan


    Anti-Slip Grip

    Soft but Strong

    • Ultra- soft rubber to reduce hand fatigue
    • Comfortable for long time wearing


    Soft Flocked Liners

    Multiple Use Occasions

    • Dish washing, Bathroom Cleaning, Pet Caring, Painting, Cars Clothes or Pool Cleaning



    Soft Flocked Liners

    • Easy to wear or take off
    • Absorbent to moisture and sweat


    Soft Flocked Liners

    Water Resistant

    • Excellent water resistant capability. Keep your hands clean and dry


    Easy To Use

    Anti-slip Grippy Dots

    • Superb grip power when handling things. Prevent dishes from getting broken. Suitable for all dry, damp & wet conditions

    Declaration of Conformity

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