Best Gardening Gloves | Authoritative support from The Spruce

Best Gardening Gloves | Authoritative support from The Spruce

If comfort and breathability are at the top of your list for gardening gloves, we recommend these gloves from COOLJOB. These gloves were by far the most comfortable pair out of the four that one of our team members tested. She said the rubber-coated palms not only accurately fit her hand but also kept water and moisture out of the gloves while she handled wet soil and watered flowers. She also appreciated that the wrist portion of the glove was actually long enough to keep out dirt. 

How They Performed Long-Term

These gloves are still in great shape after six months of use, but they do have a bit of staining on the fingers and palms. We've also noticed that the rubber has worn down a bit, but we're not too concerned about its overall durability as we haven't noticed significant wear. We recommend these gloves as a great breathable option for quick gardening tasks like watering or planting seedlings.

The Spruce / Cailtin Sole

COOLJOB Garden Gloves For Women and Ladies

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